Coastal Volunteers’ Latest News Updates

Have a desire to volunteer in your community but haven’t a clue how to find the opportunity just right for your abilities, that fits into your time constraints? Now there’s a website to help you make your match:

This Volunteer Opportunity website provides a comprehensive list, growing by the day, of organizations, groups, and individuals who would mightily appreciate a few hours of your time. Vineyards, gardens, local elders, food bank, libraries, hospice care, musical events…a myriad of possibilities and places where just a few hours of your time a week or a month could make a world of difference.

There’s also a page of events throughout the year at which you can mix volunteering and the enjoyment of the event. Want to go to the Kate Wolf festival but can’t afford it? Volunteer for it and you’ll hear the music for free. Next to each event is a link to information on how to be a volunteer for that event. If you’ve missed an event contact the organization and see if you can reserve a volunteer spot for next year! Check out the many events for July and August on the website under EVENTS NEEDING VOLUNTEERS.

Another way to volunteer and really help out our local non profits is to get on their Boards. It’s not a large amount of time, but you can make a big difference to the organization. One possibility is the Friends of the Fort Bragg Library who are looking for prospective Board members. To contact them email or go to the Volunteer Opportunities website Main List.

If you’d like to add a volunteer opportunity to the Main List or correct the information on an existing item (typos abound when massive data entry ensues) click on the OPPORTUNITY INFO tab and you’ll find a form to fill in all your data on your opportunity. Then just click SUBMIT.

Likewise, if you’ve an event to add to the event page go to NEW EVENT FORM to add your data. If you’d like to be notified about opportunities that suit your particular talent or taste, fill in the form under VOLUNTEER INFO.

So….should you prefer every week or a couple of hours a month or to work at an event and then enjoy it for free, check out this website.

When my three kids were young we made coffee and sold cookies at every Hit and Run Improv Show and Gloriana Opera Co musical. We didn’t miss a show, and got free primo seats. Give volunteering a try, you just may like it.

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