Dress A Girl Around the World

Dress A Girl Around the World is a project of a wonderful organization Hope 4 Women International. They’re looking for people who can sew a simple dress, have a sewing machine or has fabric for the dresses. There’s a local contact/volunteer in Fort Bragg and a Regional Director whom you can contact if you want to sew a dress for them.
You can find their names and email addresses in the Main List under the organization Dress A Girl…


On another note:

Board of Directors. You’ve stopped reading this article, right? Or nodding off? Yes, there’s nothing sexy about Boards of Directors, but we do tend to blame them for anything that goes wrong with one of our favorite organizations? Think about those organizations. Wouldn’t you like to help them chart their future? Stay afloat? If you don’t want the Boards to make silly decisions….once a month for an hour or two you could put in your ideas and perhaps make them wise decisions?

In the scheme of things that’s very little time. Think of how little money you’d make if those were the hours of your job. BUT, those couple of hours make a HUGE difference to those organizations that shape our community….Friends of the Library, Friends of Hospice, Jug Handle Creek Farm and Nature Center… It’s the Board of Directors of each of those groups who settle issues that greatly affect their organizations.

If you’ve a couple of hours A MONTH to spare and ideas that might help your favorite organizations give one of them a call and find out if they need a Director for their Board.

Find out about organizations and events, as well as Boards of Directors who sorely need just a few hours of your time on the Boards Needing Directors page. If your organization has Board seats open you can list your group on the page Boards Needing Directors, and fill in your information and then click SUBMIT.

Lending your skills and time to a local group doesn’t just help that group it also puts you in contact with a whole new group of people; you just might find some wonderful new friends. Give volunteering a try, you may like it.

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